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RedHat is actually a software service company incubated by the Linux community. If a company is using enterprise-level Linux, RedHat will provide services to the company, including the packaging, maintenance, security, and modification just now. This service is very valuable. This is actually a valued business model incubated in the open source community. So the code of serious blockchain companies should be opeFutures Bitcoinn source. And make sure that the company has a technical community. If a project is not recognized in the technical community, and the technicians cannot agree with the code, the project is not feasible.

In essence, crime is caused by the environment, not based on the wrong technology. Just like when criminals robbed a bank, people did not accuse the U.S. dollar. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with blockchain and cryptocurrency; although Professor Steve Hanke, an applied economist at Hopkins University, disagrees with this view, he said:

The difficulty of Bitcoin mining will be adjusted every 2016 blocks. According to the average time to mine a block every 10 minutes, the time corresponding to 2016 blocks is 14 days. All blocks whose block height is an integer multiple of 2016 are the blocks corresponding to the system adjustment of the mining difficulty. If it took more than 14 days to dig out 2016 blocks in the last difficulty adjustment cycle, it means that under the current computing power, the difficulty of mining is too high, and the system will reduce the difficulty of mining; on the contrary, if the mining time is less than 14 days, then the system will increase the difficulty of mining. The goal of system adjustment is to maintain the average block time at 10 minutes.

"It can be said that virtual currency is a very powerful money laundering tool." Meng Fan said that scammers use black money to buy and sell Bitcoin off-exchange, and large off-exchange transactions will not be recorded on any official platform or institution, which means that as long as the buyer and seller Without disclosing it, no one will know the existence of this transaction, and the outside world will not be able to trace the source.

The road to the Bitcoin ETF listing is still in a long stalemate. If you only hope that the result of waiting for the approval of the regulatory agency will pass, it seems too idealistic and out of reach. It is important to pay attention to the opinions of the members of the regulatory agencies, but it is obviously not enough to use this as the only judgment of regulatory trends.

On the 10th of this month, ETH foundersFutures Bitcoin Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin, ETH startup ConsenSys and ETH Foundation will each donate 1,000 ETH tokens to the Moloch Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). At present, MolochDAO has obtained 2,380.61 ETH tokens, with about 550,000 US dollars (data as of May 19, 2019). If this donation is true, MolochDAO's capital reserves will reach twice the current amount.

The currency reform is prone to misunderstandings about the issuance of tokens, and the chain reform is too early to mention, and blockchain technology may not be required in many areas. Here, I use the concept of Token Reform (short for Token Reform) to express tokenization, that is, token model design or reform. Pass is a collective certificate of equity. Token reform is actually a redistribution of rights and interests, and the design of a set of incentive game rules belongs to the category of production relations or system.