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Dether wants you to use cash to buy and sell ERC20 tokens. You can also sell DAI, BNB, MKR, REP and various other ERC20 tokens to others when the wallet only has ETH. To put it simply, the other party pays you cash, you pBitcoin Satoshiay Dether ether, and Dether uses smart contracts and DEX (decentralized exchange) to convert ETH into ERC20 tokens to the other party, and the transaction is completed.

2p-ECDSA: Perhaps this is the coolest upgrade in Osuntokun's eyes. 2p-ECDSA will disguise transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain and create a lightning network payment channel. Currently, the transactions of opening and closing payment channels are easily distinguished from transactions on the chain. Once implemented, this improvement will make it more difficult to distinguish between lightning channel payment activities and traditional bitcoin payment activities, thereby adding additional anonymity to users.

On June 26 (Friday), the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group's nominal trading volume exceeded $1.7 billion (more than 30% higher than the previous record). Although CMEGroup announced at the end of the data update that its bitcoin futures product "institutional investor interest continues to increase," the weekly COT report data of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) actually tells a more subtle story : The interest of institutional investors decreases, and the nominal value (nominal value refers to a way of marking the value of non-monetary assets. In the derivatives market, the nominal amount is generally used to mark the size of the transaction or the market. Both long and short positions) are at the largest Increased concentration among Bitcoin futures traders.

According to the Constantinople upgrade announcement issued by the Ethereum Foundation on January 11, the Ethereum fork has been confirmed to be implemented on January 16, 2019. The specific date will be delayed or advanced 1 to 2 days according to the fluctuation of the block production rate during this period. , Which is between January 16th and January 18th. The hard fork will officially end the metropolitan phase and open the transition period from PoW to PoS. Not surprisingly, Ethereum will start the journey of reform to the most ideal state.

But after EOSDice modified the random function random, this function also uses the random factor of account balance. The attacker can also receive EOS transfer notification after the transfer, and simulate the same Deferedaction: Defered2 as EOSDice, and then Defered2 triggers Deferedaction: Defered;

CoBitcoin Satoshiingecho is also the same model as CMC, but the site has added many unique features. For miners, it is very practical to filter cryptocurrencies based on the hash algorithm, and there is also an area specifically listing the upcoming ICO projects.

Lagarde said that crypto assets that can always exist will have a significant impact on people's savings, investments, and bill payment methods. This proves its recognition of Bitcoin and other similar currencies. However, without the trust and support of authority and consumers, cryptocurrency will face an uphill battle.

But, how much decentralization must a digital currency be to be considered a cryptocurrency? Bitcoin seems to be sufficiently decentralized and resists censorship. With this, Bitcoin has failed in countless other digital cash projects The place was successful, so this should be seen as an interesting aspect of the technology that must be preserved. In other words, this is why we are here.

And on February 12th, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that the Lightning Network will be applied to Twitter's mobile payment company Square, where he is also the CEO. In a podcast discussing the Lightning Network, Dorsey stated: Among all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is most likely to become a currency, and Bitcoin is the first choice for the Internet's "native" currency.