How many bitcoins are mined per day

Hugh KarHow many bitcoins are mined per dayp, founder of nexus mutual, a defi insurance agreement, tweeted today that IP addresses on the Internet are transparent and that if hackers return the stolen funds within 24 hours, they will cash in the reward. Previously, the personal address of Hugh Karp, founder of nexus mutual, was attacked, which contained 370000 XNM tokens and lost more than $8 million.

On November 16, the listing proposal of kp3r and bond of creamdao was approved, and kp3r and bond were listed on cream Ethereum platform.

Jins, an analyst at today's currency World Research Institute, believes that: during the short-term adjustment of BTC, it gained institutional overweight again. At the same time, the platform currency okb, HT abnormal rebound, have played a prompt effect on the market breakthrough. Investors' recent trading trend has decreased, but the breakthrough signal will appear in the short term.

Lark Davis, the host of the crypto lark and crypto investor, tweeted today that it was another crazy week, and grayscale bought more than 15000 bitcoins, a total of more than 500000 bitcoins. The tycoons want to be exposed in a serious way.

In addition, based on the 30 minute cycle transaction monitoring, 563 large orders were bought, accounting for 38.59%; 540 large orders were sold, accounting for 37.01%.

AHow many bitcoins are mined per days of 20:00, according to the official perpetual contract data of 58coin, the positions of large holders are as follows:

Just now, the official of the f2pool fish pond said that it would upgrade the BTC pool server at 19:00 on December 10, and the upgrade lasted about one hour.