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RoberGet a Bitcoin wallett Sams proposed SeignorageShares in 2014. The basic idea is: the supply of tokens is flexible. When the supply exceeds demand, we will issue less currency, and when the supply exceeds demand, we will issue more currency to achieve control of its price. purpose.

Castella went on to predict that XRP is in a disadvantageous position and cannot enjoy the favorable SEC regulations like Bitcoin and Ethereum. He also predicted that if the US Securities and Exchange Commission classifies XRP as a security, then there will be a large-scale but short-lasting decline in value.

However, the so-called eastern sunrise and western rain. As of the end of the second quarter, although game DApps suffered heavy losses, the two major decentralized application categories, DeFi and DEX, both showed signs of positive growth, with the average daily active wallets reaching nearly 5,000 and 4,000 respectively. With this in mind, we see that the growing DeFi and DEX ecosystem is making up for the loss of Ethereum caused by game-type decentralized applications.

According to documents released by the G20, world economic leaders gathered at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, hoping to formulate cryptocurrency regulatory policies by July 2018. This document supports the argument of Frederico Sturzenegger, Governor of the Argentine Central Bank, that cryptocurrencies need to be investigated.

Many media also wrote in the headlines of the newsletter: Netizens broke the news that BM claimed to have found a new consensus to replace DPOS and will develop a new token in 19 years. Chen Weixing, who has never been optimistic about EOS, also complained on Weibo. EOS TPS is a scam. The claimed million TPS has not yet been realized, and the BM team has begun to prepare new scams.

Bitcoin prevails vs. Nasdaq. Bitcoin Get a Bitcoin walletis clearly better than the traditional stock market. BloombergIntelligence believes that Bitcoin's downturn in March has provided a good foundation for subsequent price increases. When it returned to above 1 to 1 in early June, the ratio of Bitcoin price to Nasdaq fell to just below 0.70 in March, a record low. The price of Bitcoin on June 2 was about $10,000, almost the same as the index level. According to historical volatility data, Bitcoin is gaining the upper hand, and the 260-day volatility measurement of Bitcoin is also the lowest level ever.