Bitcoin indicators

For the project party, what they need is capital. As long as it is money, whether it is ETH, BNB, HT or OKB, as long as it can be used as the cost of company operation and development, it can be used. Therefore, in the current market situation, instead of holding ETH that has depreciated 80%, Bitcoin indicatorsit is better to re-raise BNB/HT with stable value or expected price increase.

Yong is also the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of IBM Blockchain Financial Services. He has worked with Enterprise Blockchain Alliance R3 and Blockchain Incubator Consensys. He has served in the Singapore Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for ten years and is committed to operations payment system.

Joel Kruger, a foreign exchange strategist at LMAXDigital, believes that the potential sell-off in the stock market poses greater risks to the upward trend of Bitcoin compared with the correction of gold. If the US Congress still fails to agree on a new round of economic stimulus measures, global stock markets may be under pressure.

Compared with IC0, STO is the same in that both are tokens issued based on smart contracts. The difference is that for general ICO projects, their tokens often represent the right to use a specific blockchain, while STO tokens are securities under financial supervision. Security tokens are usually backed by real assets, such as asset rights, shares of limited liability companies, and commodities.

In terms of large positions, long positions rose further from 1,806 to 2,175, and short positions rebounded slightly from 1,706 to 1,816. In the last statistical cycle, the position of this type of account officially turned into net long, and the net long advantage of this type of account in the current data has further expanded. Although this type of account has carried out a two-way increase in holdings in the latest statistical cycle, the increase in long positions was significantly greater than that of short positions, which also consolidated the overweight attitude of such accounts in the previous statistical cycle.

The famous JP Morgan Chase did not miss this discussion. Although JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon recently stated that he is still not optimistic about Bitcoin, JPMorgan Chase has been increasing its investment in blockchain technology. According to a CNBC report on October 27, JP Morgan Chase’s digital currency JPMCoin was used commercBitcoin indicatorsially for the first time by large technology customers.

Ren (REN) is the next strong performing protocol token, which has grown by 286% in the past three months. Ren is an open license-free agreement used as a cross-chain cryptocurrency transfer. Given that the stated goal of the Ren protocol is to bring blockchain interoperability into the DeFi field, perhaps the growth of REN is an obvious signal that investors are not only capturing DeFi tokens themselves, but also capturing those at a more technical level. Tokens that play a role.